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  1. Dawid Adrjanczyk is an avant-garde performer, composer and sound artist. His works often focus on the interaction between music and nature, archaic forms of sound experience, emptiness and stillness. Rooted in minimalism, he interprets the idiom of contemporary musical forms and the meditative potential of Early Music and Eastern modality. His compositions and performances are mainly electro-acoustic. He widely uses traditional instrumentation, as well as vintage organs and sound manipulation. He focuses on instrument preparations to explore unique tuning schemes and harmony based on micro-tonality and organic relationships of intervals.

    In 2016 Dawid Adrjanczyk has begun an interdisciplinary ecological project Co-silence for protecting and cultivating the sound of natural environment. He organizes sound workshops and listening trainings based upon his idea of quiet points. He collaborated with several institutions, i.e. National Museum in Warsaw and Centre for Intercultural Creative Initiatives "Crossroads" in Lublin.

    He is a founder and a leader of the Akpatok Ensemble. He cooperates with The Magic Carpathians Project, the group Poor Diggers and with his wife Nina. He lives in Kraków.

  2. Photography by Jakub Knera

    Photography by Jakub Knera