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  1. 2 June 2017

    New dates for warm days. In next months we will perform in following cities:
    09.06 Bydgoszcz – MÓZG
    11.06 Warszawa – Fala dźwięku #44
    01.07 Cieszyn – Svátek čaje 2017
    19.07 Berlin – Ä

  2. 8 May 2017

    This weekend Dawid Adrjanczyk will conduct "Sound Ecology – Municipal Action!" workshop at Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdańsk-Nowy Port. If you wish to participate, please contact warsztaty@laznia.pl.

  3. 14 Mar 2017

    We are glad to announce new dates for April. For the first time Akpatok will come to Hungary. Our Budapest concert is organized by Művelődési Szint – MÜSZI. We look forward for that cooperation! Then, on April 14th, Dawid Adrjanczyk – with Magic Carpathians Project – will come to Gdańsk with live theater music performance. On April 23rd he will also conduct the «Silent Ecology» workshop for young participants at POLIN – Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. After last concert tour to Poland and Germany we have begun a recording process of our new album «Micromovements» which is planned to be published in the beginning of June 2017.

  4. 3 Mar 2017
    From March 4th Akpatok will begin a short concert tour in Poland and Germany where we will present new compositions from upcoming album «Micromovements». 
    04.03 Gdańsk – Kolonia Artystów
    06.03 Bremen – Kultur im Bunker e.V. - Bremen
    08.03 Leipzig – Kulturnhalle 
    10.03 Poznań – PIES andaluzyjski

  5. 16 Feb 2017
    On 25th of February we will come to Prauge. Before the concert Dawid Adrjanczyk will conduct sound workshops «Silent Ecology». The concert and the workshops are hosted & supported by Punctum – Open Creative Space.

  6. 10 Nov 2016
    Today at 11 p.m. CET on the noteworthy Polish radio ŻAK (www.zak.lodz.pl and 88,8 MHz in Łódź) you can hear an interview that Dawid Adrjanczyk had a pleasure to give at Musica Privata festival. He spoke there about the new Akpatok material, plans for future recordings and about the instruments and methods that we use to create our music.

  7. 21 Oct 2016
    Akpatok as a duo is going to perform twice in November. For Kraków concert we prepared special arrangement of the latest compositions. Both in Łódź and Kraków we're going to present the material from the EP that last month we recorded in Vienna.

    04.11 at Festiwal Musica Privata - Edycja V in Łódź
    07.11 at Baza in Kraków

  8. 6 Sep 2016
    After short summer break, we're coming back to regular concerts. First show (fully acoustic, for prepared hurdy-gurdy, woodwinds, small percusions & voice) will take place in Wrocław at 
    Macondo and then we're heading to Vienna where, in collaboration with nadaLokal and SmallForms Sessions, we'll have the pleasure to record new Akpatok Ensemble's EP and then to present our works to the Viennese audience.