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  1. Silent Ecology

    Based upon an idea of co-silence – the ecological perception of our role in the well-balanced, healthy and pleasant sound environment. Through the learning process of how to listen attentively, how to stay alert and mindful in natural surroundings and how to become attuned to the natural sounds – to their rhythm and micro changes, we are going deep into a practice of silent ecology.

    During the workshops we are going to focus on natural sound, to explore its wide influence on our life, to communicate and to stay quite – which may occurs challenging. Long-time contemplations on sound, connected with various forms of its notation, are the clue of the practice and lead us to understand how to co-exist consciously and in harmony with the sonic environment and each other.

    Quiet Points

    The workhop is aiming to mark special points on a city map or in natural surroundings; we try to find places of a high level of sonic diversity, with minimal noise and simply pleasant – what we call a healthy sonic environment. To achieve so we are moving outdoors, to learn how to listen attentively, how to concentrate on sound and how to get attuned to it. We are going to visit and investigate every mark we made and share them with others; finally we try to create a common map of quiet points, which might serve all of us, now and later, as a form of sonic meditative shelter from everyday noise and rush.